Silverfit Flow: Cloud game

This is the first project I made during my internship at Silverfit. This is a remake from an older version of the "Cloud game". The original "Cloud game" was made in an older outdated engine so for my internship, they asked me to remake this in Unity and to add new features to this project. Most of the art in this project is placeholder art because they had no available artist to help me with this project. The Flow is a product that teaches people with breathing problems to breath better and more consistent.

About the game

In this game, the patient has to blow into a small device called the Spirotube, the Spirotube detects the current amount of flow the patient is exhaling/inhaling. I use this information to detect when the patient is exhaling. The flow that is being produced will be calculated to a force that propels the boat forward.

In this game, the patient has to exhale a certain amount of volume in ml to "finish" one repetition. However, if the patient exhales with a too high current flow amount the boat skips and sinks to the bottom of the sea. Forcing the patients to exhale gentle and consistent.

When the patient has reached the required amount of volume they reach a "win island" which is basically just a prettier island. When they do not reach the required amount they get the "lose island", which is just an uglier island than the "win island".

The reason for this island system is, we want to reward the patient when they reach the goal but we do not want to discourage the patient when they do not reach the goal. The main focus of this project is that the patients are going to like doing their breathing exercises.