Get Out Of My House

This project is made for a school project called "Mythe". We had to choose a myth from a select group of myths to make a game about. We choose the Domovoi. The Domovoi is a Russian domestic spirit that protects the house and the owner of the house.

The story

You're a thief, as thieves do, you break into houses and you steal stuff from their owner. Rumors said that a blind man lives in this one house. "That's an easy target." you think, "He can't even see me, this is like stealing candy from a baby".

Little did you know this house isn't any other ordinary house. This house is protected by something never seen before. But by the time you found out this is a terrible plan... it was already too late...

The goal of this game

The goal of this game is to collect as many loot as possible. The problem is, the Domovoi doesn't want you here. He will do whatever he can to stop you from stealing anything. Once you've collected enough loot or when you can't handle the pressure anymore, find your way to the nearest exit and escape... The door is locked...

My input to this project?

My tasks for this project was getting the VR working correctly. For example, moving the player using the VR controllers, give the player the ability to pick up objects and throw them around the room and make the player able to open and close doors and closets. I made one, not VR related, task which was the flashlight. I made the flashlight shine light when turned on and do nothing when turned off, I also made the flashlight change texture when turned on/off.

  1. What is that thing?!
  2. Throw items in its face!
  3. Try To Avoid It!