Try Again

This project originated because I got bored in class and started to make a couple of random mechanics I thought that would be fun in a game. There was one mechanic that stood above all the others and that was the portal gun. After some playing with the mechanic and tweaking some things I started to see potential in this mechanic. And thus I started to make a game around this mechanic.

About the game

You are a little red guy who's just out for a stroll in the forest when all of a sudden saw's start appearing on the road. "Why would someone put boobytraps in the forest? They must protect precious treasures!" With some amazing parkour maneuvers, you make it to the treasure, but the owner of the treasure isn't happy that you're trying to steal his treasure...
Good luck!

Key features

A 2D platformer

  • 2D character controller.
  • A respawning system.
  • Score system including a total amount of deaths and the total time spent.
  • Stage hazards.
  • A main menu, pause menu and a finish screen.
  • Multiple different levels.
  • A level selector.
  • A motherf'ing boss.
  • A freaking portal gun.

  1. Try Again Level
    Insane Levels!
    Good luck...
  2. Try Again Boss
    A big scary boss!
  3. Try Again Portal